Demi Exegesis  I closed my Eyes and it was Terrifying

Bowed Metal Music

Tyto Alba Quartet  ‘First Sparrow’ on Soundcloud
see also Tyto Alba page

CBS Trio at Green Street Studios, Cambridge MA
w/ Caroline Park, laptop, Beth McDonald, tuba

Duo Tyto Alba on CD Baby

Duo Tyto Alba
Recorded live at 119 Gallery, Lowell

Flute duos with Katie Down

Sequester, by Matt Samolis & Katt Hernandez
Live improvised duos for violin and flute, recorded 2013
in the Lady Chapel of Church of the Advent, Boston

Endguys, Apeshit Apricot
Trio improvisations with
Steve Norton, reeds
Jeoffrey Pooser, bass
Recorded October 13, 2013  at Mamashoe World Headquarters, Wendell MA

“In the Jerusalem Hills”
a performance piece for voice, sound, and movement.
Featuring fragmented text by Leah Goldberg.
Leah Hennessey, voice, goblets
Melissa Huser, movement, singing bowls
Matt Samolis, cymbals, singing bowls, goblets
Performed Saturday Nov 2nd 2013
Nave Gallery, Somerville MA USA

Solo flute improv (video)

Group Improv (video)
Lou Cohen, wimote/laptop
Steve Norton, reeds
Valerie Kuehne, cello

RPM trio
Petaluma Vale, harp
Randy Winchester, tuned glasses
Matt Samolis, flute
Recorded live in concert in Boston MA at the
Church of the Advent Library Concert Series on Oct 19, 2012

My music on SoundCloud

My music on

Bowed Metal Music (Innova #546)

Solus, for solo flute (1993)
by John McDonald
Matt Samolis, flute

The 3 French Hens recorded live at the Whitehaus in April 2011.

The subject of the improvisation is the White Birch Brewery Hookset Ale.

Matt Samolis, flute
Steve Norton, reeds & percussion
Atom Foam, manipulated field recordings, & table of stuff
Brian Ellis, poetry, text, & recorded text manipulation

3 responses to “Audio/Video

  1. I Love It
    Great to hear you again Matt!
    All the Best, John Stuart -cellist

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