Beasts of Improvisation on PARADE

Listen to the Whitehaus PARADE!

Val Keuhne, Esther Viola, Michael Mclaughlin, Jon LaMasters, Sid Richardson

HEAR the PARADE recorded live @ Clarendon Hill 12 Jan 2012!

The Beasts of Improvisation on PARADE  is a traveling monthly series, spotlighting a different artist every show, and a unique group of musicians performing spontaneous improvised music on acoustic instruments.

Steve Norton, Tony Leva, Mali Sastri,Matt Samolis, Morgan Evans-Weiller

The series is curated by Matt Samolis & Jeffrey Young.

PARADE Calendar:

Dec 5th, 2011- Aviary Gallery, JP

Jan 12th, 2012 w/ Gelsey Bell- Clarendon Hill

Feb 10th, w/Forbes Graham -119 Gallery, Lowell

March 20th, w/ Christian Kobi -Whitehaus, JP

April 19, w/ Janet Underhill -Aviary Gallery, JP

May 15, w/ Pat MuchmoreYes.Oui.See Gallery, Boston

June 22nd, w/ The Dream Team EnsembleAviary Gallery, JP

Sept. 20th, w/ Paul Pinto – Studio Soto, Boston (Fort Point)

November 14th, w/ William Kenlon, Washington Street Arts Center, Somerville

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