-I compose fairly atonal chamber music, as well as various structures for improvisational groups. Some examples of my work are found below.

4 Moonsongs (2014)
Recorded on Veterans’ Day 2014 at Church of the Advent, Boston.
-text by Freda Downie

Noell Dorsey, voice
Rachel Barringer, cello

Tryptic (2011)
Recorded at Third Life Studio on June 21, 2013.

D’Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano
John McDonald, piano
Pia Tafdrup, selections from “ Spring Tide”(1985)
translated from the Danish by Anne Born

Canal (2010)
Recorded live at Church of the Advent, Jan 18, 2013.
Text by Roy Campbell
Noell Dorsey, voice

Matt Samolis, flute

Harmonic Discordance (2012)
A drone infused composition for Tibetan singing bowls, overtone-tuned steel rods, & string harmonics, recorded live in performance at OpenSound on Nov 10, 2012.

Matt Samolis, singing bowls and steel rods
Randy Winchester, steel rods
Morgan Evans-Weiller, violin
Eve Boltax, viola
Simon Linn-Gerstein, cello
Jane Wang, contrabass

Dragon 4710, for toy piano (2012)

(midi realization on virtual celeste)

Shrovetide (2012)
twelve tone piece for wind quintet (midi realization). It is somewhat of a meditation on the Lenten season preparations for Easter.

Twin Flutes
This piece is for two flutes and resonant bowl. It is based on accounts of the tests endured by the twin brothers Hunaphu & Xbalanque in the Mayan creation myths collectively known as Popol Vuh. It was recorded in Dec 2006 at Half Round Studios, Boston MA.

Like a House
Text collage using poetry fragments. Created for  ‘Painting White Shadows’.

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