Painting White Shadows

Tony Leva as the Interlocutor

Painting White Shadows is a text based performance trilogy.
It examines the role and nature of human memory; its subjectivity and how it’s influence evolves through the course of a life.

I: Like a House

Sara June, movement, music box
Steve Norton, reeds, celeste
Morgan Evans-Weiller, violin, music box
Marya Lowry, voice

II: Patience Worth

Melanie Hedlund, voice
Veronica Barron, voice
Troy Kidwell, voice
Jessica Newman, voice

III: Carnets

Tony Leva, interlocutor
Don Harney, voice

The first part, ‘Like a House’, features the movement work of Sara June, and deconstructed poetry subjected to collage processes. It is a contemplation of family, farm life, and lineage at a point when youthful memories are just beginning to seem distant. ‘Patience Worth’ is a setting of texts transmitted via Ouiji Board sessions in the early part of the 20th century. They are texts in praise of a loving God, offering words of comfort and reassurance to those of us still living, that death is nothing to be feared. The final episode of the trilogy, ‘Carnets’, features Tony Leva as interlocutor, caught someplace between earthly life and another destination, trying to recall the sensations of human life on earth. The text fragments for this piece are taken from ‘Carnets’, by George Kalogeris.

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